Hello, Counselors?



I have been spending time lately watching Korean tv shows in order to improve my Korean language. “Hello Counselor” was one of my favorite talk shows until lately. According to KBS youtube channel:

“Hello Counselor” is a talk show with an emphasis on people and their stories. From stories about the daily lives of regular people regardless of their age or gender, to concerns that are too embarrassing to reveal! This program will bring laughter and move your heart. The purpose of this program is to help take down communication barriers by sharing stories about life~!”

As mentioned above, the show’s purpose NOT to solve concerns of the guests, but “reveal” their secrets, pain, and struggles to “bring laughter and move .. [hearts].” As many eps I watched, I noticed some of the concerns are actually serious, and can’t be solved by the help of idols, actors, and comedians. Somehow, I felt the show make use of other people sufferings and problems for entertainment and not solving it at all.

The first time I watched the show I couldn’t understand the idea of voting, which is at the end of each guest’s concern discussion, the audiences are allowed to share their opinion about the topic. The concern is evaluated or voted on by the audience in terms of whether or not they think it is a valid or “worthy” concern. The number of votes is then displayed on the screen. The question is why? and does it help?


Janet Kang in her article “[OPINION] WHY HELLO COUNSELOR IS NOT REALLY ABOUT COUNSELING” claimed, “the vote count is used to ‘shock’ the ‘perpetrator’ and make them realize the severity of the problem. Again, relying on others’ expectations to fuel change.”   However, using majority opinion and power in numbers to make someone change is actually shaming someone into changing. If that wasn’t enough, the “perpetrators” who appear on the show are usually attacked with hateful comments after the broadcast.

what makes the matter worst and hard to understand, the guest who gets the most votes gets a certain amount of prize money and get a chance to be featured on future episodes. I do not believe it solve the issue but rather encourage the concerned person to carry on!

One of “Hello Counselor” episodes was extremely disturbing, A wife with her husband and her 5 years old son, came to the show to share her concerns looking for a solution. The father plays with his son’s genitals to the point where it sure seems like sexual abuse.

In the clip posted on Twitter on Friday, the dad admits to playing with his 5-year-old son’s pri‌v‌a‌te parts, for enjoyment, for 5-10 minutes at a time.

“I had a habit of touching it when he was a baby and I still have that habit. They like it at first but after five or ten minutes, I guess they start to hate it,” the father said, indicating that he does it to his other children as well.


The annoying thing is the way the hosts and the audience react! they are laughing and giggling.

This isn’t the only episode where this topic has come up of parents touching their kids’ private parts. I saw clips of mental health issues, alcohol abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse etc… get not only get minimized but dismissed as it is a concern.





“…I am going to kiss you”

My friend once said: “God damn it if you keep complaining about not having a romance I’m going to kiss you.” (Sorry dear friend I’m straight)

I have been complaining about being single. It’s not because I need some romance in my life, but because I don’t understand why I firmly believe my happiness will be achieved if I fall in love (again?).

You know just like movies, happy once,  that end with a marriage. I remember when my mom told me the story of Cinderella, I couldn’t understand the ending. Why marriage was the end of the story? And why was it a happy ending? That’s it? I need to know more mom. My mom answered my questions: “ because marriage is the end of life.” Well, what she is trying to say that, it’s the end of me time and start of OWER( time, food, pet, bed, etc.)

We were having late breakfast at a pizza place next to my dorm. I asked her: “ why always love connote good stuff, happiness, joy, comfort? That sh*t is painful!”

Well, she didn’t answer my question, she was busy studying for her final and eating.(she is a good listener anyway.)

“But you know what- I would rather be single and lonely than using other person body and emotions and waste my time and money.” And that was her reply “are you going to eat that?”

God let your will be done 💗

I had a dream

And I have hope

And I kept pushing

Kept fighting

I had million people said no

But I have one yes and it was from God

God is good

Don’t let anyone stop you

It easy to give up

It easy to let go

Cause it hurts too much to dream

Sometimes dreams can be tough

And sometimes all you have is yourself to encourage yourself

You have to rely on it and remember you are not alone and God with you .

There is a simple prayer

lot of people say it but they don’t really mean it .

‘God Let your will be done’

If you can say that and really meant it your entire life will change


It means that’s you give up control

It means that’s you give up trying make everything go you way

Let God be the wind in your sail

And take you to the place where he wants you to go


Let it be

Do what all what you can

Then stand

And let it be

God has the answer